Infrastructure Workgroup - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Cooper
I was going to ask the same thing
Jon Cooper
I think providing a model data sharing document would be an excellent idea. Colonial established that with Life Health several years ago.
Jon Cooper
I think a year
Jon Cooper
As I mentioned, Emily and I have a standing commitment at 2pm.
Emily Falcon
Thanks All, have a great weekend.
Forrest Watson III
That’s a good thought Kids Counts
Forrest Watson III
Data is power in America. If this over-site group is going to receive aggregate data, it is in a strategic position to guide policy and make SBWC changes, including making decisions on who receives high needs school support but also to advocate for resources, publish results and assist SBWC in sustanibility issues. The more data an entity receives the more their role change or could change.
Nick Conte
sorry for being a fly on the wall today but this isnt my area of expertise and I learn so much from you all